ARGYOR, Who are we?

Our mission is to design jewelry with a unique personality and recognizable as a leading brand in gold and silver jewelry, confirming our position of leadership and success in the international market.

To guarantee a global quality service for our clients, both in the jewelry that we create as well as the attributes associated with our professional services: our experience in all markets, technology and designs are always current; with thoughtfulness and confidence in our clients, employees, and partners.

ARGYOR is a crafter of gold and silver jewelry whose production covers a wide spectrum: from wedding bands - traditional business line - to gold and diamond jewelry - under the charge of ARGYOR DIAMONDS division- to minting commemorative coins through the ARGYOR MEMORIAL division, along with other product types.

The workshop has a 4,500 square meters site, a staff of nearly 80 people and a yearly production in the area of 700,000 pieces of jewelry per year.

Argyor current sales its products in more than twenty countries, such as Mexico, Spain, and France, but also in other countries in Europe and Asia.