The foundation of ARGYOR as a jewelry crafter dates back to the year 1954, when Eloy Gracia, together with two other partners, began their metal work production with silver.

Eloy soon became the sole proprietor and was able to make his vision a reality: the processes that were, at that time, purely handcraft could be mechanized at a high level of quality. Ever since, and still today, this has been one of the keys to the development of our company.

The word chosen by the founder, ARGYOR, refers to the two precious metals that continue to be our essential raw materials: silver ARG (from the Latin argentum) Y gold OR (oro in Spanish).

Made in Spain

We are convinced that one of our greatest strengths comes from the fact that we are a manufacturer and we want to continue to produce our products in our place of origin. We consider the technological and human capacities that we have reached with 6 decades of experience, and that the combination of both lead to quality and customer satisfaction. We are able to perform the entire process, from when we receive the raw materials, design and prototyping, through to delivery of the piece at the point of sale, together with a guarantee from a laboratory recognized in the sector.